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[ P R E M I S E ]

You wake up in a mysterious, subtly threatening location with no idea of where you are or how you got there. Where are you!? How did you get there!? Why have you suddenly been teleported into a completely new world, or a slightly altered version of your own world for no reason!? You stand up and look around, and your fears don't decrease - in fact, they increase whether you're physically capable of fear or not - because some weird shit is happening and you have no idea why and will probably never find out because the truth is no one else knows, either, not even the mods.

You pee your pants.

You are in a LiveJournal roleplay.

[ R U L E S ]

CONDUCT You must wank, create OOC drama, and bitch about other people's RP to fandomsecrets, roleplaysecrets, or your RP clique friends all while claiming to want peace and harmony in the RP. You must only interact with your OOC clique. You must ignore all characters from small fandoms. If somebody is a terrible roleplayer, you must never tell them outright and instead drive them away from the RP by subtler, eviler means. Remember, IC = OOC! Take everything personally!

GODMODING Only the mods are allowed to godmode, and will godmode whenever the hell they damn want "for the purposes of plot." Everyone else is free to claim that this is unfair, because it is, and free to complain about other people totally godmoding111!11!!!! when they are not. If someone other than a mod is godmoding, they will be swiftly kicked from the game because the mods are jealous mods and there shall be no other mods before them.

CHARACTER LIMIT The character limit is FOUR. A maximum of TWO PER FANDOM. Cry about it. Alternatively, be active and show everyone that you can handle more than four and/or suck up to the mods. The latter has proven to be more effective.

ACTIVITY Activity checks are supposedly every two weeks but will actually be sporadic and random, mainly geared toward keeping the mods' OOC friends in the game and possibly kicking the really bad roleplayers out. If you sign up to play just to squat on a character (please make a note of this in your application), you will be allowed to squat for a base of two weeks before we kick you out on your ass. This time limit can be extended by how many people complain and how much we like you OOC.

PLOT & PLAYER PARTICIPATION Players are expected to participate in the ongoing plot, which means that the mods will throw out random events and/or curses and you guys will go "omgwtf!!" or "oh noes!!" or "yeay!!" depending on what random event and/or curse it is. Don't expect to actually have any effect on what goes on in the game besides within your characters' personal bubbles, because it won't happen.

RATINGS & RELATIONSHIPS No one gives a shit. If you want to go RP your YoshixZaraki smut somewhere, go forth and do so, whether it makes sense or is biologically possible or not. Other players are free to publically stone you for this, but are not required to.

JOURNAL NAMES Must all end in "-edingly." No exceptions.

MOD CONTACT Need a mod? Fuck you.

[ M O D ]
God ;; moddedingly